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Mobile - Owner     0094 (0) 777 903091
                 Office - 0094 (0) 472 240838

Guest cooment,
Goyambokka Guesthouse is a small guesthouse with only four rooms. The rooms are not very large but they do have a very nice verandah where we spend most of our time. Sitting on the verandah, overlooking the garden, it is like sitting in a tropical bird garden of a zoo. You can hear and see the birds all around. Very relaxing!!

The rooms are simple; all four rooms have hot water. Newton, the guy who takes care of the breakfast, orders for dinner and also cleanes the rooms is very kind and cleans the rooms fantastic!

Breakfast is very good: 3 kinds of fruit, omelets, fruitjuice, coffee/tea, toast, marmelade and this all in the middle of this lovely garden.

The beach is only two minutes walk from here. It is the best beach I found along the west and south coast of Sri Lanka. It is almost deserted, surrounded by palm trees, the sea is not as rough as elsewhere and you do not find these big rocks at the entrance of the sea, as you often find in Sri Lanka.
There a few very small "restaurants" near the beach where you can enjoy your food while watching the sea.
Nature is really stunning overhere; you can make lovely walks along the beach from one small cozy beach to the other.
Although we did'nt enjoy the room with hot water we really enjoyed staying here; it is a little paradise :)!
Situated just off the Tangalle beach the Goyambokka Guesthouse is a little hideaway in the midst of an amazing tropical garden.
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